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How to Earn Money from Your Blog for Bloggers

The world is undergoing major economic shocks and everyone is looking forward to coming up with ways that can increase their income. Maybe you are one of those who have thought of blogging as a way of making some money, or maybe you are a blogger looking forward to making blogging your full-time profession.

Ideally, blogging can earn you some money if only you make things right. Here are some of the ways you can turn your blog to a money making platform.


The simplest way to make money on your blog is to place a number of ads on your website. The most common types of ads bloggers use are Pay Per Click (PPC) and CPM. While PPC pays every time a user clicks on the ads placed on your website, CPM pays you a fixed amount of money for the placed advert.

You can use, Infolinks, Chitika, or Google AdSense to place the ads on your blog. When you place the advert banner on your blog, search engines choose the kind of adverts to place on your blog. Once the users click on the ads you earn some money.

Selling private adverts

When it comes to selling ads, working with advertising networks and companies is not your only option. Once you are able to attract the right traffic, there are many advertising companies looking forward to collaborating with you in marketing their clients’ products.

You can also contact advertising companies directly to market their products. By selling private ads, you determine your own rates and make more money.

Also, you can write sponsored original content or review on a particular service or product. Another way is to come up with a series of new content on your blog and adopt the ‘Brought to you by’ advert strategy.

Affiliate links

Another way to make money blogging is to include affiliate links in the content you place on the blog site.

Affiliate links work well when:

  1. An advertiser agrees to give you a commission when they sell their products to a client coming from your site.
  2. The advertiser gives you a private links so that they can track if the client they sold to come from your site.
  3. You earn a commission from every product sold to a client who clicks on your unique link. In most cases, bloggers include the affiliate link on the banner ads.

Also, you can create private partnerships with advertisers and businesses with an affiliate program, or use ad networks such as Amazon Associates to utilize the affiliate marketing.

how to earn money from blog for bloggers

How to earn money from your blog for bloggers – guest post in TBI

Consider selling digital products

Apart from advertising products on your blog, you can also opt to sell digital products such as e-books, apps, online courses, themes, video, plugins, or music. You should sell digital products that are relevant to your target audience.

You can first employ social listening tools to determine which digital products your customers can purchase before taking that step to selling.

Do not assume that you are offering a product that will meet the demands of your readers before listening to their opinion.

Market your business

Your blog can be used as a marketing tool for your business products and services. You can inform your readers of the products and services you offer in the market and easily converts them to potential buyers.

Apart from increasing your sales through digital marketing, blogging also improves your business reputation in the market. Think of converting your blog to a marketing tool and increasing your sales instead of thinking of it as means of making money.

Selling user membership

Another way to make money through blogging is to sell membership. You can charge some membership subscription fee to new members for accessing your blog. If you have a business blog, you can charge a membership fee to customers intending to get personalized advice on managing their business.

When you decide to charge membership fee, you must ensure you provide quality and unique services in your blog. The services you provide should not be freely available elsewhere.

Build your reputation and credibility

Blogging is one of the simplest ways to build your reputation and credibility. For instance, you can become a recognized figure in any industry when you specialize in creating informative and engaging content about the industry and have many people subscribe to your blog.

You can also build your reputation quicker if you employ guest posting as a tactic, this will help to quickly increase your visitor numbers by hijacking the readers of other blogs, by getting them interested in what you have to say.


Making money through blogging entails a lot. You have to create quality content, be willing to experiment new things, and do not spend more time exclusively on your blog.

Build relationships with other bloggers and learn some tips on how to make money through blogging. The tips given here are only helpful if you are looking forward to investing your time in blogging and using it to earn some money.

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