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Pro & Cons About Guest Posting and Its Effect to SEO

Wondering whether the Guest posting is a viable option for your SEO or not? Well, with the rise of rumors like” businesses using guest blogging for SEO are being penalized”, it is obvious to give it a thought. Despite some hearsay about the longevity of guest posting, it is still one of the effective strategies for public relations outreach. If you are still not sure, here are some pros and cons about guest posting that will make you better understand.

Pros Of Guest Post

More Traffic

Traffic is nothing short of lifeblood for any blog or business that can be potentially translated into a sale when done right. Top quality guest posts can result in great traffic flows once it goes live. So, the key is to pique your audience’s interest.

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Guest Posting Pro: Increase traffic

Prominent bloggers already have its audience. So, having their guest post in your website means gaining access to those existing audiences. Moreover, the blogger will also promote their guest submission in any form on their website. When the person is specialized in the topics related to your niche, you are more likely to get more relevant traffic to your website.

Benefits In Search Engine Optimization

The number of blog posts impacts the amount of leads, conversions, and visitors you acquire. Quality content with the right keywords will definitely help your site to rank higher in the search results. Above all, as the backlinks from guest posts transfer the authority back to your website, it leads the way to exposure for your domain.

Extends Online Reach

Guest posting increases your social media shares and follower counts and thus exponentially extend your online reach. It also accelerates your lead generation efforts and helps you to earn your target audience’s trust.

Establish Relationships

Guest posting establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between webmasters and guest bloggers. This can extends into various marketing channels and promotion strategies.

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Cons Of Guest Post

It Can Deteriorate Authority

If you publish a thin or irrelevant content on your website, chances are your organic rank will detract. Google hates manual link building schemes just with the aim of manipulating search engine ranking. So, if a search engine detects any such link building practices, you will be penalized for this.

But that doesn’t mean every guest blogging will be penalized, and when Google’s Matt Cutts warned about guest blogging, he meant that it shouldn’t be abused. All it means is that you must be careful about what you post on your site.

Can Be Hard To Integrate

Although guest posts provide you with a fresh perspective that is beneficial for your blog, sometimes it may feel difficult to fit the foreign content into your blog. Your goal is to nurture leads and guide your audience through your sales funnel. However, an external post in your conversion funnel can make it harder for the audience to digest unless you provide strict guidelines for the guest bloggers to follow.

Impact Of Guest Post On SEO

A guest post with high-quality content can greatly benefit your search engine rankings. It can ultimately drive more traffic and generate quality leads for your website. However, like any other SEO tactics, it can be battered. When your approach falls outside of Google’s webmaster guidelines, it will make a negative impact on your site. So, here the best piece of advice is to avoid creepy guest posts with a sole purpose of getting the link.


Guest posting is no doubt a crucial step for the success of online marketing. Like every aspect, it has its own share of pros and cons. But how it will impact your business depends on the way you use it. Now that you know all the pros and cons associated with a guest posting, give it a shot with the right practice and you will surely get some impressive results.

TBI: This is a guest post from Emily Bartels a freelance writer.


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